Seeking a email client

In 2009, one of my friends introduced me to Vim and its power to edit text files. After a few months I was so happy using Vim that I couldn’t write my emails on the poor web email client input box so the same friend that introduced me to Vim told me about Mutt.

I copied some dotfiles from the web, edited them and after a few hours (maybe days) I could check and reply my emails using Mutt and Vim. If life was a fairy tail it will end here!

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Aniversários no BBDB e avisos no Org Mode

O BBDB é uma agenda de contatos e o Org Mode é um gerenciador de tarefas. Ambos funcionam no Emacs e nesse post vou mostrar como fazer o BBDB e o Org Mode conversarem para que o aniverário dos seus contatos apareçam na sua agenda.

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Looking for a new phone

I don’t like to change phone every year but the world is against me. The power buton of my first Motorola broked around March 2014 and I brought a Firefox OS device. In 2015, Mozilla reduce their workforce around Firefox OS and I bricked my device in one of the updates what made me need to replace it with a Red Mi 2 Pro. My Red Mi 2 Pro doesn’t get 4G here in the UK and I’m considering buy a new phone.

Andy South recommended me the Fairphone 2. I liked the fact that Fairphone 2 is build with modules, specialy now that Google killed Project Ara. Fairphone 2 comes Android™ 5.1 Lollipop but you can replace it with some more free operating system.

I still need to look on Fairphone forum before decide if I going to buy one but for now it looks more appealing than the other options in the market. Also, I’m waiting comments from some friends.

I’m back ...

After almost a year without post any blog I’m finaly updating this blog. Keep looking for more posts.